Saturday, April 28, 2012


There are a couple of 10 minute videos ( here )about Sylvia's experience at ( Maker Faire ).
Give them a watch.  What do they make you think?
I got to her website because of a link about "squishy circuits" like the ones we made.

Several thoughts run through my mind.  I wish every student had a website with their own videos of how to do something they enjoyed.  Do you have a theme song?  I think we need to make more things.  I want to go to Maker Faire (original one is in California every May, but one will be in ( Michigan ) July 28 & 29...only 3 hour drive & $50 for both days).  Could/should we do a Maker Faire Buckeye and keep a "science fair" slant?  How can we connect more with the Elementary school to promote science and exploration?

I have read a few issues of ( Make ) magazine (some of the things we have done came from them) and think about subscribing so we always have the latest to prime our thoughts on things to make & explore.  They have a pretty good website, but not everything from the mag goes on the website. They have a "School's Out" issue coming up the end of May!  You can always go to a bookstore & read it there (I do that sometimes).